First Class People with a Passion for First Class Food

Just like a successful recipe, a successful team is made up of the finest ingredients. And as Capital Cooking boasts some of the city’s best chefs and waiting staff, it’s no wonder we are cooking up a storm.
Imogen McLennan (née Krupski)

Imogen McLennan (née Krupski)

Founder and Head Chef at Capital Cooking
A highly trained and experienced chef, Imogen holds an Economics degree from The University of Durham and a diploma from the prestigious Leith’s School of Food and Wine.

Imogen has previously worked as the home-economist for James Martin on his dessert series ‘Sweet baby James’, a private chef on luxury yachts, ski chalets and private homes around the world and for a variety of London-based catering companies before establishing Capital Cooking in 2008.

From learning how to make homemade pizzas, quiche Lorraine and Christmas tree-shaped scones (still a firm favourite in the McLennan household!) at just eight years old, Imogen has not stopped cooking since. She has spent her whole career exploring taste, perfecting dishes and nurturing her lifelong enthusiasm for food.

Favourite dish to cook? Chocolate and passionfruit bavarois

Favourite food to eat? Slow-roasted lamb shoulder

Favourite kitchen utensil? Microplane grater

What do you love most about catering? The variety of each day and the fact that you have to be organised. Seeing your happy guests enjoying your food and service makes it worth it.
Andrew McLennan

Andrew McLennan

Business development
Holding a DPhil (PhD) from the University of Oxford (New College), Andrew is a Vice President at Goldman Sachs and currently heads the Investing & Lending Strategy team for EMEA.

Andrew previously worked as a Scientist at CERN before re-training to become an Investment Banker at Credit Suisse. He has always been eager to learn new skills and take on new challenges. Luxury catering is an exciting market and an area in which he is excited to play an active part.

Having spent most of his working life eating three meals a day whilst sat at his desk, Andrew knows from experience the impact food can have on corporate productivity. Quality is always key to ensuring a company gets the most out of its workforce, by ensuring the employees are given tasty and nutritious meals. This fuels their creativity and re-enforcing their loyalty.

Favourite dish to cook? Chateaubriand steak

Favourite food to eat? Berry crumble with ice cream

Favourite kitchen utensil? Corkscrew!

What do you love most about catering? As an avid member of the CrossFit sporting community, I know that food is extremely important and our body’s source of energy. Using high quality ingredients is key to achieving your sporting ambitions.


Since Richard started baking biscuits with the local farmer’s wife at the tender age of four, he wanted to be a chef. Richard's first experience in the catering industry was as a vegetable prep boy in a local hotel kitchen. After training professionally Richard then quickly moved through the ranks and since has had a varied career working in a variety of sectors of the food industry including restaurants, such as The Savoy, London and as Head of Retail Production at Paul UK.

Richard joined Capital Cooking 3 years ago and is a invaluable member of the team. Not only a highly skilled chef (especially in the baking department) Richard is always calm under pressure and a delight to have around.

Favourite dish to cook? All butter brioche

Favourite utensil in the kitchen? Stone knife sharpener.

Favourite food to eat? Roast chicken, home-grown potatoes and a fresh green salad.

What do you love most about catering? That no day is ever the same.


Jenni has been a professional chef for five years, but has been cooking all her life. Growing up in a family of foodies and helping her Mum in the kitchen first sparked Jenni’s lifelong love of food.

Her skills in the kitchen were evident from an early age. And at just eight, Jenni would cook the Saturday night family dinner, specialising in beef lasagne followed by profiteroles.

Jenni honed her culinary capabilities at home, but undertook professional training at the Tante Marie Culinary Academy, where she qualified professionally at 37 years young.

Since training Jenni has become a macaroon whizz, selling her delicious macaroons far and wide. Jenni has been part of the Capital Cooking team for the past year and a half. Her unparalleled attention to detail, meticulous organisational skills and culinary flair means Jenni is a force to reckon with in the kitchen!

Favourite dish to cook? Fresh tomatoes and green beans picked from the vine on a warm summers day.

Favourite utensil in the kitchen? I wouldn't be without my Magimix!

Favourite food to eat? A wedge of Parmigiano-Reggiano with a glass of good red wine.

What do you love most about catering? When customers talk to me about what dishes they loved the best.


A veteran of the catering world, Jean-Luc has been working with Imogen and the Capital Cooking team for the past 6 years. With an impeccable eye for detail and an unparalleled nose for flavours, Jean-Luc is able to create incredible culinary masterpieces. When the final results are plated up they are always breathtakingly precise and an art form all to their own.

Jean-Luc has worked in a host of renowned London establishments. With a deep French accent and an wonderfully jovial laugh, Jean-Luc’s kitchens are always fantastically friendly and a pleasure to be part of.

At Capital Cooking, we understand that there is more to catering than just excellent food. In order to continuously operate at the top of the industry, our fabulous food must be accompanied by exceptional service.

All of our waiting staff have been hand picked and must pass our rigorous selection process. Everything from their clothing attire to their level of formality with the guests is individually tailored to the specific requirements of our clients.

Professional service and outstanding food is always assured when Capital Cooking is selected to host your event.


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