Tea for… 13,000: Capital Cooking helps Cath Kidston celebrate 25 years

Tea for… 13,000: Capital Cooking helps Cath Kidston celebrate 25 years

The Capital Cooking team are now master tea makers thanks to Cath Kidston.

The iconic clothing and homeware brand’s 25th anniversary celebrations – held over four days at the end of April - saw a range of vintage-inspired events take place across the UK. Most notably a fleet of milk floats decorated with various distinctive Cath Kidston patterns, driven by milkmen and women in white caps and coats parked up close to stores across the country and delivered lovely sets of milk, teabags and mugs to special tea gazebos. Those in London, Cardiff and Oxford were manned by us.

The CC team served thirsty shoppers over 13,000 cups of tea and just as many McVitie’s Rich Tea biscuits. On 21 April – that unseasonably hot day – the team even rustled up some lemon iced tea to help people cool off.

Working closely with the events company Ministry of Fun, it proved to be a major logistical operation as you can imagine. Because we needed to have a continuous supply of vast quantities of tea, powered by a few 3kw urns!

While making thousands of cuppas is hard work, we loved being part of such a gorgeous celebration – what felt like a throwback to yesteryear and a more innocent age where milk came in actual glass bottles.

What a way to kick-start CC’s summer of exciting happenings!


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