Peas, Please!

Peas, Please!

Didn’t think the humble pea warranted an entire week dedicated to celebrating in its honour? Well, you’d be wrong. Today marks the start of Great British Pea Week which will see the heritage and nutritional importance of this little green superfood come to the fore.

Each of us eat 9,000 on average of these little green beauties every year but we’d wager that, come to think of it, none of us know all that much about them.

Firstly – the important stuff.
1. The world record for eating peas is held by Janet Harris of Sussex who, in 1984, ate 7175 peas one by one in 60 minutes - using chopsticks.
2. The correct etiquette for pea eating is to squash them between the prongs on the back of your fork.

But also, peas are a real hero when it comes to nutrition. They are packed full of protein and Vitamin C, along with folate and iron. For one day only – 12 July – The Pea Place, a pop-up café just off Brick Lane in East London (42 Hanbury Street, London, E1, 5JL), dedicated to the pisum sativum (that means peas, for anyone not fluent in Latin) will open its doors.

Decorated in a fitting green and populated by pea plants, the café will offer dishes such as Peas-on-Toast and Pea, Mint and Honey Ice Cream. Heading up the kitchen will be chef Rachel Green, who is a Yes Peas! Campaign ambassador. You can test out some of her recipes here.

But we have a few favourites of our own, not least the Classic Pea Soup. This version by the excellent Felicity Cloake can be made with either fresh or frozen peas and she has great ideas for things to add to the soup if you want to jazz it up.

We also love Thomasina Miers Pea & Feta Quesadillas perfect for lazy summer lunches.

Pure hap-pea-ness.


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