Organic September: Get Involved

Organic September: Get Involved

Welcome to Organic September – spearheaded by The Soil Association all about raising awareness of organic food.

We all know organic is better. But why is it better? What exactly is organic food anyway? And why is it more expensive?

Organic simply means ‘natural’ – as nature intended without any chemical added to enhance growth or production.

Some research has shown that pesticides used on fruit and vegetables can be harmful to humans – especially babies and children but the real concern seems to be in non-organic meat and dairy products. Often, farm animals are given antibiotics. When humans consume these animals – or by-products of them – they ingest the antibiotics needlessly, reducing the medicine’s future potency and effectiveness.

By buying organic food, people aren’t just making better choices for their bodies, they are also making a better choice for wildlife and nature. Organic farmers use either no or fewer pesticides so wildlife flourishes. They also offer better food and more comfortable habitats for animals. But, this doesn’t come cheap.

Organic food is expensive. Reports of exactly how much more expensive vary – some claim it to be as much as 89 percent more expensive. Which is quite eye-watering if you aren’t friends with the magic money tree.

So, if you want to eat organic but are on a budget, plump for organic meat as a priority. Also, buy locally and buy seasonally – this will keep cost down considerably.

September’s seasonal bounty includes – but is not limited to apples, blackberries, kale, celeriac, leeks and plums.

We love Natasha Corrett’s recipes all of which manage to be healthy, organic and original and also Dale Pinnock’s which have a commitment to low cost and nutritional benefits, which seems ideal to us!


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