Meat Feast: Five Good Reasons To Always Buy With A Butcher

Meat Feast: Five Good Reasons To Always Buy With A Butcher

This week - 12-18 March - marks National Butchersí Week, which aims to honour the best of British butchers. We list the benefits of buying your meat with a butcher.

1. You get better quality meat

You will get much more variety but also you can see the quality just by looking at it. And none of the meat will have been tampered with to make it stay fresher for longer, look fatter or juicier or redder. You wonít get sausages stuffed with all sorts of rubbish and you wonít have chicken breasts comprised mainly of watery chemicals. The meats will have been slaughtered humanely and prepared thoroughly and with respect for the animal.

2. It is easier to trace the meatís journey

You know exactly what youíre getting and where it came from. A butcher is in direct contact with farmers and should be able to answer any and all questions about the farms.

3. You get the exact cuts you want

You will never have that sinking feeling and think ďoh itís such a shame they donít have any rump, Iíll have to make do with brisketĒ and then have to change your entire menu. A good butcher will know the makeup of an animal like most of us know our alphabet and will be able to tell you where on its body a cut came from. You will be able to order in advance and be tipped off about any seasonal specialties.

4. Youíll be able to discuss quantities and get recipe advice from experts

If you tell a butcher what you are making, he or she will undoubtedly furnish you with some tips and advice about how best to prep it. Butchers can and do offer suggestions for alternatives cuts you might never think of. In our experience, they can also help people budget and plan, so as to ensure customers get the best bang for their buck.

5. Youíll be supporting a small, often family-run business

This speaks for itself!

To find out more about National Butchers Week,click here


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