Juicy Fruit: In praise of the peach

Juicy Fruit: In praise of the peach

Fuzz wrapped around juicy flesh – the peach is such a treat, a simple pleasure and synonymous with summer and sweetness. Its botanic name – Prunus Persica – implies that the peach was originally from the Middle East, it was actually from further east than that – in China. In Asia generally the peach is a common symbol of immortality or longevity at least: it will typically be used to decorate birthday cakes.

In August, the peach is at its best – ripe, fragrant and ready for action.

Diana Henry was so enamoured by this fruit she wrote a book – How To Eat A Peach – in its honour, although not all of the recipes include it. We love the cover, which is fuzzy.

Although dizzyingly sweet, the peach is often used in savoury dishes.

We love this inventive starter by Yotam Ottolenghi - the marrying of speck with peach and fused with orange blossom is perfect for summer nights under the stars.

Another light bite might be Anna Jones’ Peaches On Toast - which sounds a bit strange, like – fruit on toast, really?! – but trust us, the combination of ricotta, peach and honey is heaven.

For main course peachy offerings look no further than these beef kofte with roasted peach halves. Spicy, fragrant, grown up and impressive!

The choice for peachy puddings is endless. One of the loveliest ways to serve peaches for dessert is to simply cut them in half, remove the stone pour butter, sugar and bourbon over them and bung them in a hot oven. Once roasted, add a dollop of vanilla ice-cream and you’re ready to serve.

But if you want something that will flex your culinary muscles more, how about this Peach and Mascarpone Tart - extra points if you can make your own pastry!

And lastly, we recommend trying your hand at a peach jam like this one by Pollyanna Coupland. Not just for toast in the morning, you see, but with cheese, too. You’re welcome!


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