In celebration of World Health Day – 7th April 2018

In celebration of World Health Day – 7th April 2018

After stuffing ourselves full to bursting with chocolate eggs and hot cross buns, nothing has ever been more needed than an entire day dedicated to good health.

Healthy eating is usually seen from one of two distinct perspectives: the obsessive and puritanical or the bored and mocking. Here at Capital Cooking, we like to think we can hover somewhere in the middle. We know the value of organic meat, fresh, seasonal vegetables and honest home baking. But we also know the importance of indulgence via a good, proper feast.

Here we thought we’d honour our health by sharing a perfect healthy day menu – basically a meal plan for World Health Day, which includes some of the most delicious, nourishing and filling dishes we know.

We recommend starting the day with these Overnight Chia Pots. The recipe for this breakfast of champs is by Capital Cooking’s director, Imogen Krupski, who manages to make something so saintly – packed with fruit and nuts - look just like pudding.

Imogen is also responsible for the Mediterranean Fig, Rocket and Mozzarella Salad which works as a brilliant lunch. It manages to be sweet, light and substantial all at once.

For dinner, we love these turkey meatball tacos from Amelia Freer – nutritional therapist to the A-list. Turkey is such an underrated ingredient. People seem to forget about it entirely except at Christmas. These meatballs look and taste magnificent – and work perfectly for a kitchen supper.

For snacks? Culinary sister act Hemsley & Hemsley do a great line in quinoa slices. We particularly like the apple and raisin ones. These slices are basically a less sugar laden flapjack, but just as tasty.

Eat well!


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