Cherry On Top

Cherry On Top

There are few things more joyful than a bulging bag of ripe cherries – and today’s the day to get your hands on some, given that it marks National Cherry Day, which aims to encourage us Brits to eat home-
grown cherries.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to how cherries arrived in Britain. One is that they came from Persia, thanks to the Romans, who were big fans and brought them here. The other is that King Henry VIII tasted them in Belgium and demanded that they were readily available to him back in his homeland.

Sadly, over the past half century, the number of cherry orchards in the UK has dropped dramatically. So dramatically, in fact, that Britain now imports approximately 95 percent of the cherries sold here.

So. In the interests of all that is sweet and juicy, here are some recipes which will get you buying endless HOME GROWN cherries.

This Cherry and Goat’s Cheese Stuffed Chicken recipe by Diana Henry manages to be substantial and yet light enough for summer lunches or al fresco suppers.

For a light and tasty cake, look no further than this from The River Cottage.

For something lighter, the icy dollop of heaven that is the Cherry & Valpolicella Granita by Stevie Parle.

If all else fails, there are worse ways of spending an afternoon than working your way through a big bag of freshly picked cherries.

You can also plant your own cherry tree? They aren’t that expensive - we checked here. Could be the start of your very own orchard!


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