A Moveable Feast: Easter Day

A Moveable Feast: Easter Day

A Moveable Feast: Easter Day

Some of us have fasted during Lent, while many of us have been eating Cadbury’s Crème eggs with complete abandon since mid-February.

Eggs are synonymous with Easter - the Christian festival which celebrates the rebirth of Christ –and with the egg representing the stone being rolled away from the tomb. Eggs are also a symbol of fertility within Paganism.

But first. The buns. The Hot Cross Buns. These currant-studded treats should be eaten on Good Friday – with the crosses which mark the top of the bread signifying Christ’s crucifixion. This is a great recipe from River Cottage.

But Easter Day itself is the real feast and it’s about a lot more than just chocolate and eggs.

We recommend a spring lamb, because there are some occasions when only a traditional approach will do. We love this recipe by Angela Hartnett which we’d pair with fine green beans and ideally potatoes dauphinoise but if you need to save room for later, lightly salted boiled new potatoes with mint would work perfectly.

Pudding, in all honesty is likely to be thousands of chocolate eggs but for anyone insistent on homemade grub from beginning to end (and who cannot abide waste) we think our very owns founder of Capital Cooking, Imogen Krupski's, bread and butter pudding recipe which serves to repurpose any leftover Hot Cross Buns makes for a delicious, seasonal treat.

Or you could of course tuck into some Simnel Cake.



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