A January reboot for those of us who don’t do diet or detox

A January reboot for those of us who don’t do diet or detox

We’ll spare you reams about having good intentions for January – where everyone goes on a chocolate sabbatical and takes out deluxe gym memberships. However, if you are feeling a little liverish and as if Camembert is running through your veins, we’ve compiled a few cooking hacks that make new year feasting deceptively healthy.

  • Hit the spice rack. Use more cinnamon and much less sugar in pies, biscuits and cakes. It’s sweet, tasty and a powerful antioxidant.

  • Replace cream with Greek yoghurt. It works. It really, really does. And no one can tell.

  • So many more nutrients are retained when you start steaming vegetables. Steaming fish or prawns also means you avoid cooking with butter or oil – and will make you feel saintly, without sacrificing taste.

  • Stock up. You can make stock from almost anything. It is so nutritious to have a homemade stock constantly on the boil – your body needs the vitamins and minerals. And it makes things a million times tastier than shop-bought cubes.

  • With stock you can make soup. Soup is January’s best friend. But that doesn’t mean it needs to be thin and tasteless. Thicken with sweet potato and season generously with herbs and spices and you’ll have a much healthier version of a liquid lunch than in recent weeks…

  • Yes, we know vegetables and pasta are not seamlessly interchangeable BUT we find swapping half the spaghetti for a couple of spiralised courgettes will make all the difference when it comes to avoiding that too-full feeling.

  • Bench potatoes. Use cauliflower or Jerusalem artichokes as a substitute.

  • Add fresh coriander or parsley to everything when you’re thinking about using salt.


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